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Tattoo styles

Traditional vs. Blackwork vs. Minimalist? What are the most common tattoo styles called, what do they look like, and what is the history behind them?

Choosing an artist

How do I choose the artist that’s right for me? What shops / artists should I avoid? What’s the best way to get in touch and book an appointment?

Artistic decisions

Line thickness, shading, sizing, placement … how do I describe what I want to my artist and work with them using terms they understand?

The tattoo appointment


What should you eat and drink? What activities must you avoid? What and who should you bring with you? What should you wear?

The appointment

What should you expect when you arrive for the tattoo? How can you work with your artist to create the best experience for both parties?

Cost and payment

How much will the tattoo cost and how are they priced? Should you pay with cash or card? How much should you tip your artist?

After the tattoo appointment

Immediate aftercare

How do I properly heal my tattoo right after my appointment? What are the risks and how to avoid them? What products should I use?

Long-term care

What are the pro tips to keep my tattoos looking fresh for years to come? How will different tattoos change with age?

The next tattoo

Did you know that 92% of people who have a tattoo say they want to get another one? We dive into how to think about your next one.

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