part-time Full-Stack Developer

Slate, the world’s first online marketplace for tattoos, is hiring! We're bringing the tattoo industry into the digital age by connecting customers with artists. We make sure that both parties can focus on what matters - the art they are creating together. Our first product, Slate Appointments, offers a unique intuitive booking tool that helps artists schedule appointments, manage payments, and track customer data so that they can save time, make more money, and focus on their art.

The team at Slate is looking for a full-stack developer to build out our product from an MVP developed on several intermingled services into a world class appointment experience. We would initially envision this as a part-time role to build out custom functionality on the existing MVP. We expect this to lead into a full-time role in which you will develop the next version of the product from scratch in your language of choice to provide a more tailored user experience. You'd be responsible for UI/UX design, database and back-end design, and application hosting.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an early-stage startup as we define our strategy and build on strong early traction to transform a large industry. In exchange, you would receive monetary and equity compensation and earn a high degree of autonomy to drive product development.


  • Strong knowledge of a back-end language such as Ruby, Python, or Node

  • Experience with back-end web frameworks such as Rails, Django, or Express

  • Proficiency using a database such as Postgres or MySQL

  • Ability to write basic interactions in Javascript using React or Angular

  • Sufficient knowledge of HTML/CSS to do basic design or match a professional design

  • Experience deploying to a hosting service such as Heroku

Our values

  • Lead with empathy - Tattoos are a fundamentally human enterprise and our products are grounded in the experiences of our artists and customers

  • Reward daring decisions - The choice to permanently change your body is bold. Our ability to transform an age-old industry requires an equally daring approach

  • Activate collaboration - Tattoos can only come alive through the process of artistic collaboration. We take a similar approach in how we work with and value each other

  • Honor the artistry - We respect tattoos as a powerful art form. We want to grow the tattoo community while helping artists capture more of the value they create

If this is an opportunity that you are interested in, please send an email with your resume to or reach out via LinkedIn!