We’re tattoo collectors and aficionados who also happen to be business, design, and tech experts. We exist to elevate the tattoo experience - whether tattoos are how you tell your life story or how you make a living.

Tattoos are the product of artistry, time, money, and emotional investment. They are daring, personal, and beautiful. They’re not easy to get and they’re certainly not transactional - and the experience of getting one shouldn’t be either.

We are elevating the experience of getting a tattoo by transforming how customers and artists interact. We honor tattoos as a powerful art form and want to grow the tattoo community while helping artists capture more of the value they create.

Our beliefs are rooted in the idea that the best art requires a foundation of trust. By building tools that support the development of collaborative relationships, we make sure that both customer and tattoo artist are focusing on what matters - the art they are creating together.